Wednesday, June 14, 2006

burned out...

Wow, after a month of not posting (for no particular reason), I have concluded that I am simply a little "burned out." My recent finals season was the most intense of my academic career, both in terms of volume and content, and I simply pushed myself beyond a limit, such that it is difficult to motivate myself to sit down and write anything coherent. But rest assured, strange in incoherent thoughts still percolate in my brain, and I have faith that they will cohere sometime soon and the madness will again ensue.

But for the moment, how old do you feel? Attached here is a sound file; if you can hear the noise, you have the ears of someone less than 24 years old. The tone is a new cellphone ringtone used by students in the UK and the US. Since most adults over the age of 24 cannot hear the tone, students are able to keep their cellphones on in class without their teachers knowing. For more information, the entire article is available here.

Grace & Peace