Monday, July 24, 2006

Ye Olde Preaching Rotation

Sometimes, it is just how you feel.

By the grace of God, VCFNH has a number of very gifted speakers. On any given Sunday, no fewer than ten people could deliver God's Word to on relatively short notice. Several of us really enjoy preaching, and the Great PB has graciously allowed 4-5 of us to preach sermons throughout the summer. It's a "guest preacher series" from within the congregation.

This Sunday will be the first of two consecutive Sundays for me. I have never preached two weeks in a row (at least, not adult sermons), so I am looking forward to the opportunity. I considered (gasp!) a series, but decided that weas too bold even for me! Ultimately, that isn't God's leading anyway.

Keep your eyes peeled for my "shameless plug" - an audio recording of the sermon. In case you're terribly bored and have nothing else to do. Yeah, right...

Grace & Peace