Monday, September 13, 2004

An (in)auspicious beginning

ATTENTION! Please read the following advisory warning before continuing through this feeble attempt at a weblog:

There are so many problems with this whole endeavor. Of course, the main problem is simply overkill - the brute fact that everyone and their mother now blogs like a fiend. There is simply not enough time to keep up. No one actually has the time to read everyone else's blog.

And I always end up coming to new trends late. I didn't own a pair of cargo pants until they were on their way out. I still don't own an .mp3 player or a digital camera. (to be fair, I had a digital camera at one time, but it's gone now). The only reason I got a cell phone is because I went to France and it was literally the only way to communicate.

However, there may be cause to hope...and for this hope I jump in (belatedly) with both feet. The main impetus is the fact that so many fabulously intelligent people (some of whom are my illustrious amigos) are contributing to a dialog of which I wish to be a part. Specifically, some recent publications full of insightful introspection of some of the "great matters" of our day (20-somethings circa 2004) have left me desperately wanting a forum to air my thoughts within the confines of this group, but with the possibility of a wider audience.

THEREFORE, here is my "mission statement" regarding this blog (such as it is):

I will not use this space to air the intimate details of my life (too emotional, too personal), nor the banal practicalities of daily existence ("went to the store today," etc.) . To the extent that I do decide to comment on the day-to-day matters, it will be limited and relevant, or at least confined to a specific time and place.

What I would like to do is use this space to expose the ruminations of my convoluted mind to some lux et veritas. I hope to comment on important topics with whatever perspective I may have, and "join the debate" mentioned above. I remember once deciding to use my diary for this very purpose...organizing my thoughts around some important ideas, but I could never move beyond the painful intimacies of my personal life that are so much better suited to the diary format. But for someone ostentatious enough to think it's necessary to start planning for my memoirs now, this might just be the perfect format.